CreditBot partnering with SmartCredit using the power of
AI to achieve Active Credit Monitoring.

Credit score for credit monitoring by credit bolt

Why CreditBot

Did you know 4 out of 5 credit reports have errors?

Thirty percent of consumer credit reports contain mistakes! Banks, insurance companies and even employers increasingly are turning to credit reports to determine what kind of rates you should pay and if you should be hired for a job.

How Does Your Credit Score Impact You?

Just one single mistake on your credit report could decrease your credit score over 100 points!

Most Credit Repair Programs run from $99 to $299 a month – But I decided to create a program every client could afford

Click below to discover what has helped our clients in achieving as well as maintaining their credit and financial goals!

Active Credit Monitoring Sequence


Use our Active Credit Monitoring Sequence qualifier tool to see if you are a good fit to work with Paul Jon. The Paul Jon, CEO of CreditBot provides coaching in a step by step sequence to address your past, manage your present, and raise your credit score to SECURE & control your FINANCIAL FUTURE! With TONS of BONUSES!!!

Oh I forgot..We do offer a MONEY BACK GARANTEE with this sequence…..PLUS $200….For Your Peace of Mind!!!




Active Credit Monitoring.

CreditBot & SmartCredit using the power of
AI to achieve Active Credit Monitoring. All you do is sign up and we do the work for you. We perform a STRATEGIC Personal Action Plan to systematically address your credit needs and boost your credit with Tradelines at the optimal time to raise your credit report scores 30 -10 points!