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What is Active Credit Monitoring? Credit Scores & Active

Credit Monitoring

Simply put we are just not a credit monitoring company who you pay to so you can check your credit every now or then. We are an Active Credit Monitoring service that provide 1 yearly comprehensive Personal Action Plan as well as a robust Credit Health Report + Corrective Dispute Letter Summaries 6 times per year. We will tell you exactly what is incorrect on your account with the Credit Health Report and the draft Corrective Dispute Letter Summaries for you to use as corrective actions for our findings. Our Corrective Dispute Letter Summaries can be used to address your credit report inaccuracies that are listed on your credit report. You can mail them right to the credit bureaus and then watch your credit scores go up!

What makes us the #1 choice in credit monitoring? Although we are a credit consultants monitoring your credit we also give you the tools you need to fight the credit bureaus inaccuracies for only a fraction of the cost of credit repair. The average credit repair companies charge $99 per month, that is $1188 per year and you have to get credit monitoring services as well which charges you $29 per month!

Here at CreditBot we actively monitor your creditĀ for a low yearly membership fee of only $497! That is a $691 savings! We partnered with SmartCredit to provide you with the best in active credit monitoring services. Wait that is not all! We also use CreditBots robust software to monitor your credit dispute process. What does that mean? That means we notify you when your Credit Health Report + Corrective Dispute Letter Summaries are complete and on the way! You then read through the report and our findings. If you agree with our findings all you have to do is mail off your Corrective Dispute Letter Summaries to the 3 credit bureaus!