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Click below to discover what has helped our clients in achieving as well as maintaining their credit and financial goals!

How does the Active Credit Monitoring Sequence help me to cure my credit woes?

It works by empowering you with knowledge, tools and resources that come with our Active Credit Monitoring Sequence. Our 7 Step Credit Surge Mind-Map Blueprint along with our other program features will aid you in getting your credit back on track and keeping your scores up easily!

In order to participate in this offer you have to sign up with our SmartCredit. SmartCredit not only provides the most up to date credit reports but, the have a number of features that will help you in your financial succuess. Our Active Credit Monitoring then program allows us to take a hard look at your credit reports. Identify your credit needs and then draft a specific action plan tailored for your needs.

We also give you the information needed for you to see and understand how credit works, the best way to fix it and why you see such great results…

“We are CreditBot. We exist to meet the needs of our client’s credit improvement and financial sustainability goals. Using systematic techniques for higher credit scores. Aggressively advancing our client’s credit portfolio into a more powerful and enhanced quality of life.”


Paul Jon

President, CEO