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Active Credit Monitoring

Most Credit Repair Programs run from $99 to $299 a month – But I decided to create a program every client could afford

Click below to discover what has helped our clients in achieving as well as maintaining their credit and financial goals!


  • 24/7 Online Portal Access
  • Dispute Tracking
  • Development Personalized
       Dispute Letters
  • Credit & Financial Education
  •  Discounted Tradeline Access
  • And More…


  • 24/7 Online Portal Access
  • Annual Credit Reports and
       Scores: 3 Bureaus
  • Score Tracker
  • Score Builder
  • And More…

Added Benefits Of Our Active Credit Monitoring Plus Service…


  • SmartCredit powerful monitoring services along with CreditBots AI teamed up to create the new state of the art Active Credit Monitoring Service. This service creates strategic methodology to ensure a steady incline of credit scores while securing financial gain.
  • CreditBot is an Active Credit Monitoring Service whose AI actively monitors your credit reports and scores for you.
  • CreditBots AI then intelligently analyzes your credit report to formulate dispute strategies to fight negative accounts and errors contained in your credit files.
  • Credit Monitoring average service fee $29 monthly & Credit Repair average service fee $99 monthly = $1536 yearly
  • Systematically add Tradelines to your credit report to boost and maintain high credit scores.
  • New state of the art way of active credit monitoring costs…Active Credit Monitoring Service Membership Yearly fee $197

FREE Personal Action Plan & Credit Analysis Report When You Sign Up For Your New Active Credit Monitoring Plus Membership!

CreditBot | Active

Credit Monitoring Service Plus

Membership Snapshot

CreditBot & SmartCredit using the power of AI to achieve Active Credit Monitoring.

What is included in the Personal Action Plan?


  • Credit score improvement tips
  • Contains key factors regarding your credit score
  • Yearly credit analysis report
  • And More…

What is included in the Credit Health Report?


  • Revels credit report inconsistencies Revels credit report inconsistencies
  • Is prepared based on the fair credit reporting act
  • Exposes all negative accounts inconsistencies across all three bureaus
  • And More…

What is included in the Corrective Dispute Letter Summary?


  • Strategic dispute methods
  • Outlined dispute strategy
  • Clear corrective path forward
  • Detailed call to action for credit bureaus
  • And More…

What is included in the Credit Score Surge Strategy?

Our unique Credit Score Surge Strategy includes utilizing Tradelines. When you add tradelines to your credit report we are actually using other peoples good credit to help boost your credit scores! Tradelines refer to a credit card account where you are added as the authorized user. A “Tradeline” Is the account listed in a report, such as credit cards, auto Loans, mortgages, and others. An “Authorized User”, on the other hand, is the person who has been given access to an account as a user. This person acting as a user, however, is not necessarily accountable for the balances in the said account.
Allow you to enhance your credit through adding a credit card with a healthy credit history to your credit report.

We add you as an authorized user to one of the tradelines that has the available limit and positive payment history. Credit scores could increase 30-100 points or higher! (results vary)

Active Credit Monitoring Plus

  • 1 Yearly Personal Action Plan
  • 6 Bi-Monthly Credit Health Reports
  • 6 Bi-Monthly Corrective Dispute Letter Summaries
  • 2 Tradelines Per Year Up To 50% Off
  • Credit Score Enhancement Tools & Resources
  • Personalized Credit Score Boost Methodology
  • 40 Days FREE Access to: CreditBot | Credit Score Maximizer Secrets
  • And Much More!

Active Credit Monitoring Membership PLUS

Yearly Fee


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